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Sam Miller, RIP - Arts Management

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Thank you for posting, vrsfanatic. It's important to acknowledge the contribution of people like Mr. Miller, who make it possible for artists can make art. From the link:


....in 1991, he founded the Cambodian Artists Project, a group that worked to preserve and present Cambodian performing arts. He also served as the executive director of the New England Foundation for the Arts, was the managing director of the modern dance company Pilobolus, and was the president and executive director of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. He was also a producer for Dance the Spirit of Cambodia, Men Dancers, and the Ted Shawn Legacy, among other projects.


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It's a week of losses, I guess.  Sam Miller was behind so many wonderful projects in the dance world, but he wasn't a big self-promoter, and yet he is popping up everyone in my online life this week.  I was grateful before, but now I'm even more thankful for the work he did.  A reminder to thank the people who are still here to be thanked in person.

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