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Jewels - May 10-13

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I saw it last night.  It was practically flawless.  Well, that's my somewhat untrained-for-Balanchine eye.  The corps, as usual this year, were radiant and in tune with each other.  There are a few dancers who wear the Balanchine mantle with aplomb; notably- Lillian DiPiazza, Alexandra Hughes, and corps member Jacqueline Callahan.  Rubies was outstanding, there was so much energy on stage.  I look forward to hearing from more of you who are so knowledgeable in ballet. I do hope you are able to see it.  

Here's the link to casting:  http://paballet.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Jewels-Performance-Casting_public.pdf


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Thanks for the report, wallis! I agree about the corps - when I saw them in Swan Lake two months ago, they were highly impressive. Sorry I won't get to see Jewels, as I can't make the trip this weekend, but I totally plan on more trips to see Pennsylvania Ballet. I can't wait for the chance to see Lillian DiPiazza.

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