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Royal Ballet Autumn 2018 Casting

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If you have not seen the exquisite Ms. Naghdi before, Petra ... I would opt for that (latter) one.  Takada should also be a fine Nikiya.  Fingers crossed that McRae actually dances.  It appears that his injury may have been more significant that originally anticipated given the amount of time he has been away and announced performances he has sadly had to miss  Fingers crossed.  

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1 hour ago, Petra said:

I may have an opportunity to see one performance of La Bayadere in November.

Which cast would be recommended: Lamb, Hirano, Calvert or Takada, McRae, Naghdi?

Neither of those.   Osipova, Corrales & Nunez on the 5th should set the stage alight.

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meunier fan - The last time I saw the Royal Ballet was when I was a teenager back in the 20th century... I was inclined towards the cast with Naghdi mainly because of her social media presence. Thanks for the reassurance.


Mashinka - unfortunately, I'll be in London only on the weekend. 

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