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NYCB 2018-2019 Season

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11 hours ago, vipa said:

I have had great experiences with NYCB both in exchanging subscription tickets and renewing my subscription by phone. Everyone I interact with is so helpful. 

I would like to add three cheers to the group sales department at NYCB. Very helpful indeed!

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On 6/25/2018 at 12:36 PM, DC Export said:

All of these are huge production numbers that I can't recall being performed in the past several seasons. (I want to say that Liebeslieder was the most recently performed... somewhere around Fall 2015 when Jennie Somogyi retired?) I make the assumption that without an AD in place, the leadership team doesn't feel equipped to rehearse new folks for the principal/corps roles and stage the production in general? 

Yes, that is correct regarding last time Liebeslieder was performed by the company. 

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Feb 8 is one of the "Art Series" performances.  The only way to get advance tickets for Art Series dates is if  that date was included in your standard subscription package. Art Series dates cannot be purchased on Create Your Own subscriptions.  The subscription brochure gave a list of Art Series dates.  Art Series seats usually go on sale in January .

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23 hours ago, Leah said:

I just got my De Luz farewell ticket and one of the single tickets I’ve ordered in the mail. It’s bizarre that they didn’t send subscriptions first, especially as I would really like to exchange a see the music performance. 

This happens every year.  Like you,  I received my single tickets yesterday, but have still not received my subscription tickets. 

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For anyone looking to buy single tickets to the All Balanchine, 21st Century Choreographers I or II and Robbins 100 programs, you can get 30% off certain seats using promo code FRIEND19. I just snagged a great orchestra seat at one of the All Balachine programs.

Edited to add: this discount is only valid until August 24.

More details:

*Offer valid only for dates listed on website and must mention code FRIEND19 at time of purchase. Promotion may not be combined with any other offers or used on previously purchased tickets, and may be revoked at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: after entering the promo code on nycballet.com, the seat map will reflect tickets available to you at the promotional price range/s associated with this code, as well as full priced tickets, in order to provide you with the full range of seating possibilities.

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With Catazaro out of the picture, I wonder what are the chances for an Isabella LaFreniere debut in Diamonds (since they were rehearsing it together). Maybe Silas Farley could do it? Also, I got served up an ad for Jewels. Looks like they are using a clip from Rubies with Emily Kikta. Hope we get to see her!

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