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Joyce Theater - Pay What You Decide

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The Joyce theater has an interesting thing going.  One show each of the Wayne McGregor Dance Co., the Brian Brooks Co, and Dada Masilo/The Dance Factory (doing their version of Giselle). The idea is that you buy up to 2 tickets with a reservation fee of $1 per ticket, and after the show you pay what you think it was worth. There is an envelope in the program that you can use to pay by cash, check or credit card or you can pay online within 24 hours. I wanted to see the Masilo Giselle, but it was sold out by the time I heard about this program. I opted for the Brian Brooks Co. this afternoon, just for fun. I knew nothing about them. Basically what I saw was terrible choreography and a few nice dancers who made something of it. I wish it had been good or at least worthwhile or thought provoking or entertaining in some way. I don't want to pay nothing, but I'm still trying to figure out what to pay. I'll just say that if the woman seated next to me paid a dollar for every time she looked at her watch, she'll be paying a lot.

Anyway it's an interesting model, sort of like buskers. 


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