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Lizica Codreanu and Sonia Delaunay Terk

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Scene from Le Somptier's film Le P’tit Parigot (1926)

A brief appearance of the French/Romanian dancer Lizica Codreanu in Pierrot-Eclair costume - set and costumes (for the women) designed by Sonia Delaunay Terk. The men in their dark suits seem to serve as a neutral backdrop for Delaunay Terk's modernist colors and geometries. Lot's of cigarette smoke wafting into the air too.  I'd love to see a restored copy of this film.



A modern documentary and performance referring to the dancer Codreanu (who was a muse of Constantine Brancusi):

Reenacting Lizica Codreanu (a tribute)

"Lizica Codreanu (b.1901, Bucharest – d.1993, Louveciennes) was a French dance artist and choreographer with Romanian ancestry. In 1918, she joined The Belle-Arti School in Bucharest, making her debut during the first artistic tea program of the “Friends of the Blind” Society at Carol cel Mare Theatre in Bucharest, along with Ion Manu, Maria Filotti and Petre Sturdza. After a few individual performances in Bucharest (Dances of Character, The Spring’s Dance and Rococo Entertainment, March 9th 1919, at the Eforia Theatre), Lizica Codreanu left for Paris and, from 1921 onwards, led an increasing choreographic activity. The composer Florent Schmitt recommended her to Ida Rubinstein for several of her shows, she frequented Bronsilava Nijinska’s courses and got increasingly in touch with the avant-garde groups: Albatross, the dada and surrealists groups, Tchérez and so on. In 1926, she made her debut in film, with the character of Pierot Lightning in Le P’tit Parigot, directed by René le Somptier."





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