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Hallberg Replaced By Shklyarov For Manon !

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22 minutes ago, mnacenani said:


PS :  wouldn't be surprised if Natasha drops out too between now and 13th April  :P


I will be VERY surprised if that were to happen.  She didn't pull out of the second Giselle with the wonderful Matthew Ball when Hallberg sadly had to withdraw.  She is a PRINCIPAL with the Royal Ballet after all.  

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There were instances in the past when Osipova withdrew from a performance when her scheduled partner became unavailable. In 2014, the performance of Swan Lake at the Mikhailovsky theater in which Osipova were to dance with David Hallberg was replaced by a mixed bill program. Though Osipova did appear in one of the replacement pieces. 

Shklyarov is a wonderful dancer and great partner to Osipova but he never danced des Grieux before. Is there no other dancer at ROH capable of learning and dancing the role?

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19 minutes ago, Gnossie said:

I used to like Shklyarov...not so much now, he has stopped developing...

IMO when one is at Shklyarov's level, "stopped developing" isn't really a major concern anymore. He's there.

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1 hour ago, Dreamer said:

Is there no other dancer at ROH capable of learning and dancing the role?


Of course there is ... (Talents keep pouring in - William Bracewell was stellar last night in the new McGregor) ... but I suspect this may have happened in part to lighten RB Company rehearsal commitments with everything else that is coming up.  The time would have been independently scheduled for Hallberg (his having no other RB commitments thereafter) ... and those replacement sequences may be easier to fashion now that it is Shklyarov.  Also with those last act Manon throws I doubt that Osipova (or O'H for that matter) is too eager to take too great a risk.  The second act of Giselle is quite a different kettle of fish and - as it was - Osipova / Ball didn't do that full body lift that others do.   I think O'H has been prudent in this instance ... and I'm sure Shklyarov will honour himself and others about him as he has in the past.  

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40 minutes ago, Gnossie said:

The one RoyalNative I'm looking forward to see (even if only on video) is Reece Clarke, the boy is amazing. 

HE IS.  NO QUESTION.  Still - amazingly - there is such a richness in the ranks just now.  Have you had a chance to see Calvin Richardson?  Another truly inspired talent.  

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As a Londoner I'd say the male star in the making at the RB is Marcellino  Sambé, unfortunately off with an injury for a while he's back to fitness once more.  My guess concerning Shklyarov is that they felt as a starry guest was originally announced it is was sound policy to acquire another as a replacement.

Shklyarov was always a class act but his rather self effacing stage  presence was initially a  problem for me.  He is now a fully fledged virtuoso, his performance in Bayaderka last summer was jaw dropping.


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57 minutes ago, meunier fan said:

with those last act Manon throws I doubt that Osipova (or O'H for that matter) is too eager to take too great a risk

Under the circumstances I am glad that the replacement is Shklyarov - I wouldn't make a 4 hour flight to see any "rising stars" !

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Muntagirov danced with Stix-Brunell the other night in Winter's Tale, Had I been director I would be reviving Daphnis & Chloe for them on the basis of that performance.  Height allowing, everyone usually gets to dance with everyone else at the RB and VM looks very good with Osipova, Sorry but don't care for Clarke at all, interesting that people like him on line as I've not registered  much enthusiasm amongst the fans, still to each their own.

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33 minutes ago, Gnossie said:

There is so much talent at the Royal Ballet right now, what a beautiful problem to have......

NOW one of my favourites is James Hay.  THAT BOY can do EVERYTHING - and is such a fine actor.  He is small, of course ... but he has come SUCH A WAY.  This past season and a half has been so notable for him.  He is that rarity:  A VERY small dancer who knows how to dance big with precision.  (They don't grow on trees.)  I remember I was reading online how spectacular he was as Florimund in SB.  (He got these chances I think through others' injury.)  I hadn't bought a ticket for those - but found one just to see what everyone was talking about.  He was truly stunning.  Indeed, his was I think one of the best Florimunds I've EVER seen - be it in London, New York (numbering Dowell, Nureyev, Bujones, Woetzel, Angle, etc. - so many) or Paris.  If I hadn't seen it myself ... I don't know that I would have believed it.  He is so detailed in EVERYTHING he does.  I just hope that Corales coming in (as fine as he is) doesn't retard the progression of, say, Hay or Sambe.  

VM is, as you say, truly excellent - and entirely consistently so now.  Sometimes I think he almost makes things look SOOOOOO easy.  He's a dancer's dancer ... and you can understand why ALL the women want to dance with him.  I'm so pleased they are filming his Manon with Sarah Lamb.  It was his debut last time - and his performance was entirely life enriching - and the two of them were wonderful together in it.  Enjoy.  

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2 hours ago, Gnossie said:

Well, this will be his debut so good luck with that swamp pdd! 😎 

Ironically, the wonderful Aaron Robison did Des Grieux with Houston Ballet two years ago and now he's right there with ENB - which is doing Manon next winter.


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4 hours ago, Gnossie said:

One last thing, was Morera casted as Manon? 

She IS.  In fact she's doing the opening performance - again with Bonelli.  I assume this run is the last that either of them will be around for.  She's a fine Manon; a richly intelligent take.  

On Corrales - I think that it is a good move for this talented young man - and I'm sure he - and ultimately the Company will profit from it.  Those performances he recently gave in La Jeune Homme et la Morte were thrilling in the extreme.  He virtually breathed charisma.  

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27 minutes ago, Gnossie said:

I really don't care for Corrales and don't like non-french dancers dancing Petit's works, ugh. 

In that case it's a good thing you never saw Ivan Vasiliev - you would have had a heart attack.

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And then, here is what Petit himself said about Ivan Vasiliev: "I would like to make a special note of this boy. He is exceptional, extraordinary. I do not remember ever seeing a dancer of his level. A very, very big artist. He is phenomenal, simply flies on stage. Plus the most tremendous charisma that makes you empathize with him".

That was said about Vasiliev in La Jeune Homme et la Morte.

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  Morera has been off sick for a couple of weeks now. I hope that it is nothing serious. While it is truly disappointing that she is unable to dance on opening night Hayward, her replacement, made a very auspicious debut with Watson when the ballet was last scheduled. We will get quite a lot of opportunity to see her with Bonelli as he is scheduled to replace Watson who was due to dance with Hayward later on in the run. Cast changes are an essential part of life's rich pattern as far as ballet going is concerned. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes when illness or injury overturn casting pairings which generally appear pretty permanent you get to see something which is unplanned and special. We shall see tomorrow whether we have been given an unexpected winning ticket in the Royal Ballet's dancing lottery.  .




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On 3/28/2018 at 3:55 AM, Gnossie said:

So?  That's what Roland thought about Vasiliev, HIS opinion. I am in my right to disagree with him, as I did for the last few years of his life. 

Also, one would think that nobody knows better than the choreographer himself but I've seen more than a couple choreographers do some very debatable choices.  

So that. I am also in my right to present various opinions, especially quote those of the author of the works himself, which, at least to me, carry a lot of weight.

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