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"Ballet Soloists' Evening"s of 25-26 April ...... xxxxxx !

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Sad to learn that I have thrown away money - these two evenings were initially posted as "ballet soloists' galas" and I thought they would be similar to the two evenings of "gala-concert" in October 2016 which were very enjoyable. I got tix for both evenings and suddenly just a week or two ago these two events became "A Play for Him" ..... ????   Now look at what program has been posted :  https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/10000/


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2 minutes ago, Jayne said:

Can you exchange? 

As far as I know Bolshoy, unlike Mariinka, does not exchange or refund. Will probably end up giving these tix away to my friends in Moscow - they "don't mind" seeing modern choreo :D

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34 minutes ago, Jayne said:

Ah well I am glad they will not go to waste.  At least you know what you like!

My wife says I watch modern choreo "like a cow watches a passing train" and make no effort to "decipher" what it tries to convey :D  At my age I should better allocate my remaining time wisely and see what I can understand readily :D:D

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