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Ismene Brown's Vikharev Interview (2009)

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Ismene Brown had gone to Moscow in 2009 for the Bolshoy premiere of Vikharev's recons of Coppelia and interviewed him at the time. Last June she included this interview in her obituary for Vikharev posted on ArtsDesk. I found it extremely interesting and posted it on this forum, and I am bringing it up again in case it had escaped the attention of some members at the time, well worth reading imho at a time when we are discussing Vikharev's SB which started off this movement in 1999 :


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2 hours ago, Gnossie said:

It has been posted several several several times before, mostly by me 😂💔

Sorry, didn't notice - could have expired if older than one year. No harm in posting anew in case people had not seen it before.

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