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Annual Concours - March 2nd & 3rd

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47 minutes ago, silvermash said:

Results for today competition

Quadrille to Coryphée
1. Axel Magliano
2. Simon Le Borgne

Coryphée to Sujet
1. Francesco Mura
2. Pablo Legasa

Sujet to Premier danseur
Paul Marque

No surprise at all about Varna winner Paul Marque. Short of his falling down, I couldn't imagine the promotion escaping him.

I read that Sebastien Bertaud was competing even though he's what -- mid-30s? Good for him for staying in the competition even though the likelihood of advancement is slim.

Is Legasa the new Alu?



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Nothing was really that obvious from the concours today, for Pablo Legasa as well as for Paul Marque, no one else stood out... it's is a consensual result up to me. 

Sébastien Bertaud is an artist who always delivers his full artistry during the concours, unlike some others. He is a true artist and a pure joy to watch.

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20 minutes ago, ballet_n00b said:

What happened with the première danseuse concours; they couldn’t be separated? Nobody was à la hauteur ? I feel sad for some of these girls, like Héloïse Bourdon who seems to be a terminal sujet. 

Yes, the jury couldn't agree on one dancer... Up to me and most of the people around me, the best was Charline Giezendanner but she's not really in the favour of the direction, so perhaps there was a problem with that...

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1 hour ago, Gnossie said:

A disgrace and disrespect to all the dancers competing for the Premier Danseuse spot that the inept jury "couldn't" decide. All the sacrifice and effort put on those variations but obviously the jury doesn't care. 

I don't care for Héloïse Bourdon, I find her to be an extremely weak technician although her fan base is very big. 

Charline Giezendanner, a born Etoile, and Eléonore Guerineau with her delicious Black Swan deserved to be promoted. 


Among the boys, it was obvious who was going to be promoted, I'm gutted for Révillion, Moreau and Loup Quer, they better be looking for new projects....


Other than that, POB doesn't seem like a national company anymore. What a heartbreaking tragedy. 

I agree with this. I also wonder if this situation may cause all involved to begin reconsidering the process itself. Perhaps there is a better way. 

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2 hours ago, Gnossie said:

Charline Giezendanner, a born Etoile, and Eléonore Guerineau with her delicious Black Swan deserved to be promoted. 

When Giezendanner appeared as Swanilda in 2000 or 2001 (with Mathieu Ganio as Frantz) we thought she was destined for stardom. For quite some years we were tracking her but our expectations were dashed. Since getting hooked on Russian classical ballet I don't care tuppence re what goes on at POB and have cancelled my membership.

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18 hours ago, Gnossie said:

I'm gutted for Révillion, Moreau and Loup Quer, they better be looking for new projects....

I wouldn't worry too much about Jeremy Loup-Quer as he's young (mid-20s) and most likely next in line for promotion. The dancers who competed and are in the 30-32 range -- Allister Madin, Marc Moreau, Fabien Revillion and Daniel Stokes -- are the ones who should be asking themselves, "How likely is it that I will be promoted?" If the answer is "unlikely," then they either have to make their peace with being a soloist at the Opera or strike out in new directions.

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Eléonore Guerineau has announced that she will leave POB (maybe sabbatical but not sure) and join Zurich Ballet next season on Instagram and on this video.



She is a beautiful dancer who represents the French style. A loss for the company but gain for Zurich.

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It would be a loss if Guérineau had ANYTHING to dance at l'Opéra. In current circumstances, she hasn't. We are all losers in Paris right now with the catastrophic repertoire policies. I am afraid, in Zurich, Guérineau may not fare any better. Apart from, perhaps, London, ballet is dying in Western Europe. Some French young dancers who really love ballet are contemplating going to Russia and dancing in the Urals or in Siberia, if necessary, just to be able to dance classics, which is what they made those great sacrifices for, in childhood and in adolescence.

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Do we know if she's resigned or it's a congé sans solde ? In any case, she has to look out for herself, though I'm sad to see her go. I also am saddened and frustrated at the lack of support for classical ballet here, since I have little to no interest in contemporary dance. It's interesting to contrast the dearth of classical ballet with the wealth of classical music we have. For example, when it comes to pianists everyone plays in Paris (or wants to), while many famous pianists no longer bother to play in NYC. I guess you can't have it all.  

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