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This was staged on 30 and 31 October 2015 at the Scala for the closing of Milan Expo, and was livecast on Rai5 at the time and later released on dvd/br. Could not determine whether anyone has posted it before, do excuse me if it has been. This imho is well worth a view or two :  Ivan Vasiliev with Nicoletta Manni, Lucia Lacarra and quite a few others will linger on in your memory - I still remember the ones I just named and was so sorry that I didn't know this was coming up, maybe I could have seen it on location. Anyway, Gramilano had posted the programme at the time and the programme and  YT video links are below for your perusal - give it a view !




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Thanks...I will try to take a look at this, though probably after the Olympics are over. I remember how much I loved Lacarra’s lyrical dancing when I saw her at a gala in New York some years ago. She had not yet left San Francisco for Munich.

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