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New Forum: Artistic Sports


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With the Olympics coming up in what seems like seconds, I created the new Artistic Sports forum sometime last week, but I forgot to post about it.  You must have 25 ballet-related posts to post here.   

This forum is after the "Modern and Other Dance, Arts, and Literature" forums header.

I've moved as many posts about figure skating and gymnastics* as I've found so far in the "Other Performing & Fine Arts..." forum to it.  There are other sports with an artistic/style component as well, like ski jumping, diving, those crazy acrobatic sports like aerials and pipe that I can only watch through cracks in my fingers, etc.  I just haven't found any of those to move so far.

*If a dancer or choreographer works with skaters or other sports people, those posts are fine in the company, dancer, or news forum, depending on the kind of news it is.  If the film is "I, Tonya," that is treated like any other film, with discussion in the "Other Performing & Fine Arts" forum.  Books still belong in the "General Reading and Literature" forum. If a ballet company posts a press release or comments in the press or social media about an athlete, that's fine to post in the company forum.   If a dancing is part of the  Opening or Closing Ceremony, discussion of the dance performance is fine in the appropriate company or "Modern and Other Dance forum."  If you want to discuss the whole ceremony, post in the new forum. 

The forum description is:


You must have 25 ballet-related posts to post here.  This is a place to focus on the artistic components of sports that have them, influences of dance, dancers, choreographers, and other arts on programs, arts in opening ceremonies, and impacts -- regulations, rule changes, etc. -- to artistic sports.  This is *not* to rehash competition results, but to point out and discuss the arts-related aspects of programs, skaters, ceremonies, etc., which can include dance, theater, and the plastic arts and outside influences that impact them.

This forum is for BA! members, not for the general figure skating fan base, hence the post requirements.  It's not to re-hash competition results from the dawn of time: there are great figure skating forums that exist already for that.  IE, if Tonya Harding is mentioned, there'd better be a relevant reason :)  It's for news that impacts the sport -- changes to the scoring system, the latest doping-related issues that resulted in one of the most talented young Ice Dance teams and a gold- and silver-medalist Pairs team from Sochi to not get invitations to Pyeongchang, etc. -- programs that speak to the artistic side of the sports.  It's for links to programs if you have something to say about them.  It's for a discussion of programs and their dance and other fine arts influences.

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