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Black Ballerina Documentary

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I'm not sure where to post this. The one-hour documentary Black Ballerina aired late last night on my local PBS station (RMPBS). I don't know if that was a local programming decision or if it's being re-upped nationally, but I'd recommend looking for it if people haven't seen it. Extensive interviews with Raven Wilkinson and lots of footage of many other black ballerinas over the years and in many companies. I was glad they included extensive footage of the huge and really horrifying KKK rallies she encountered in the south in the 1950s touring with the Ballet Russe - a reminder of a time that wasn't all that long ago. 

I found a clip on YouTube of Wilkinson that is worth looking at:


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that opening image is really grim, but many thanks for the link and the reminder about the doc.

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