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Another Sexual Assault Case

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Kabaniaev was the Fogartys coach, at least at the time of the "First Position" documentary; he's in it.

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Recently I noticed a video clip of a retired male dancer in North America teaching a class of young girls with a cane/stick of the sort you used to see with elderly ballet masters. He was using it for the usual corrections -- pushing shoulders down, feet out, etc. It occurred to me that this is a really smart thing to do in this day and age so there's no question about the appropriateness of corrections.

I remember talking with some male middle school teachers years ago who told me they are never, everĀ alone with a student - whether in an office, car, bus, whatever. Just too risky. They wanted witnesses for everything and even touching that might seemĀ appropriate to adults could be misunderstood. (Of course, that creepy doctor in Michigan apparently even had ways to hide his mischief from others in the room.)

Better to overcompensate in this day and age.

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