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Potential Strike By ABT Dancers

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This article was linked from my Twitter feed from @BroadwayWorld headlined
"New York City Ballet Dancers Threaten a Strike" with a photo from R+J.
My heart skipped a beat.

BroadwayWorld has since deleted the tweet.


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I didn't mean to imply I don't think it's awful for the dancers. But I don't have much more to say than that -- the state of the arts is depressing -- but that adds nothing to the conversation. I have no insights. I do expect journalists to do a better job covering the dispute.

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Is the last line of the first paragraph supposed to read, "an acceptable cont[r]act proposal"? Not that an editor hasn't gone carefully over this article.  ;)

These labor negotiations are not unusual - general contracts are renegotiated every certain number of years. And it is often rather tense because both sides have to find agreement on the main issues. Money is always an issue.
Usually the details of the negotiation are kept from the public - until some angry person leaks details to the media.

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ABT’s own Instagram account posted a story with photos about the negotiations. It didn’t offer any details, but I was surprised to see the company featuring the negotiations in its official social media channel. The ABT Instagram account seems very dancer-driven, but I have to assume the marketing department still controls it.



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2 hours ago, its the mom said:

The instagram account is run by the dancers. It says it at the top of the account. 

All the more reason they deserve raises. The content is so well-done that I assumed it was created by a social media manager. The voice is remarkably consistent across posts, so I wonder if one particular dancer writes most of the content. He or she is better than most marketing professionals who do social media for a living.

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