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They are in my area performing Romeo and Juliet and I am seeing it on Saturday.

I would like to say how I am impressed that they organise various dance events in each area on tour - they are running a children's workshop, a ballet barre and repertory workshop for teens ( I am going to this) and ticket holders can view the company class and rehearsals on a matinee day. This seems a good idea to boost dance enthusiasm in the area and to give young dancers a good experience.

Do any other companies run similar events when on tour?


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I went to a workshop given by NBT on Swan Lake a few years ago, it was very good.

ENB has a very good education department too and they have activities when they go on tour, you can see the dancers in class etc. They have opportunities for this when they are "at home" too, you can visit the company's residence. If you join their "Friends" scheme there are more opportunities. I think details are on their website.

RB have some catching up to do, although you can see the dancers take class about once a month, it costs £10 but is well worth it I think!

Have fun at R&J!:)

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Oh I would love to see a RB class. Yes well worth it for £10. I will look into that.

I am looking forward to seeing R&J - I am going with my little sister who is 11. She has an ideal physique for ballet, beautiful feet especially, she really responds to music, loves performing, audiences love her, she's a cracking little actress... the list goes on BUT she doesn't go to her ballet classes anymore because she says 'they're boring'! its such a shame, I feel obliged to find a school with really fun, interesting classes for younger people and see if she likes it then. I am starting to sound like a pushy mother! But come to think of it, I was never thrilled with ballet at 11, I loved tap dancing and jazz more, but now I prefer ballet.

With any luck, NBT will be so wonderful, she'll fall in love with ballet and be whining for extra classes in no time!



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I thought I'd feedback after seeing NBT. Loved it. Charlotte Talbot made a lovely Juliet - she looks young and pretty and can switch between emotions on stage with ease, from tragic to ecstatic. Romeo - Neil Westmoreland- was good, didn't draw my attention as much as Juliet on stage but perhaps this is how it is supposed to be. he dances well of course.

The look of the production is great - the sets are large and ambitious, the costumes are bright (lady Capulet's wardrobe seemed just how I imagined, spot on) and there is a wonderful scene on the morning of Juliet's marriage to Paris when they find her 'dead'. The corps entered and threw vivd red rose petals all over, jumping in the air and shooting the colours about. They were all smiles and delight- the dramatic irony came off very well. My favourite part.

The end of the ballet, in that long stretch of music in the tomb, Juliet manouveres Romeo like a doll and snuggles into his dead arms and wraps them around her, almost happily. It was poignant and tear jerking...:)

I loved hearing the orchestra too

So great!


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