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New Biography of Eleanor D'Antuono

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Last week, I saw on Facebook that Eleanor D'Antuono would be in Hartford, CT over the weekend signing copies of her biography written by Fred G. Jarvis (who died in 2015) and recently published. So yesterday,  drove there to buy a copy (and get it autographed) for my daughter, whom Eleanor coached during her final 4 years at a pre-professional ballet school many moons ago. My guess is that it was incomplete at the time of Mr. Jarvis's death; there is at least one caption error, mislabeling one dancer as her mother, also a dancer. 

This biography has nearly 200 photographs spanning Ms. D'Antuono's entire life, and I am thrilled to have it in my possession, if only for a few more days: many are photos of her early dancing years, likely taken from her scrapbook during her Ballet Russe years as she has penned in the names of her fellow dancers. 




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