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Newish to Ballet Appreciation

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I'm very new to my love of ballet.  I was very ill in Spring of last year and trying to keep my mind occupied, and started watching various ballets on-line.
My favorite ballet so far is Manon.  I find I'm partial to classical style, but there are some more modern type choreography that appeals to me as well.  
I enjoy many dancers' skill and expression, so I don't think I'm focused on any one dancer as a "fan."  I do follow Kathryn Morgan's videos, and have incorporated some of her tips to help me with physical issues even though I am, have never been, nor will ever be a dancer.  Not at my age!  LOL

Happy Holidays to all the readers and Admins and thanks for making this resource available and informative.

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Welcome to BalletAlert! BalletOutsider!

We hope you're recovering and glad that you've found ballet.  We have a Ballet Videos forum, and while links to videos can disappear, we hope you'll find videos that you haven't seen, and that you'll post if you see something you like.


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You might want to check here as well -- BA ran a little conversation about the 1969 video of Frederick Ashton's Cinderella, and there's quite a bit of good information in the thread

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We are lucky that so much good ballet is now available online!  Welcome to Balletalert...

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