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New faces for the RB

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The following are announced as joining the RB next season:

Robert Tewsley, from Stuttgart (an RBS graduate!) - principal

Jose Martin, from Boston - soloist

Isobel McMeekan, from Birmingham RB - 1st artist

Valeri Hristov, from PNB - 1st artist

Tim Matiakis, from the Royal Swedish Ballet - 1st artist

Andrej Uspenski, from the Royal Danish Ballet - 1st artist

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Robert Tewsley was a guest at the NYCB for about a week two or three years ago (I can't remember what he danced), but I thought he was gorgeous, very dignified elegant. I kept hoping he would come back, but I guess he has found a good home.

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Does this mean the company is getting bigger? We have just got 7 dancers from RBS, and now we are getting 6 dancers from other companies. Maybe because we have so many guest artists at the moment, they don't count towards numbers? I'll have to check old programmes to see how many have been in the company in the past. Just a thought!:)

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