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Boston Ballet Dancers Trying to Negotiate New Contract

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On 12/7/2017 at 12:37 AM, Emma said:

It seems like so many young principal dancers leave Boston. I guess this helps to explain why.

From the article: "The source said in the past, the Boston Ballet has been seen by other musical artist institutions as the 'golden standard' of contracts when it comes to dancer protections and benefits, and other companies base their own contracts on those standards."

Well--If that's true, then I'm not sure that the current contract situation would explain why dancers would have left in the past.  To quote a little further:

"'So, to take a contract that’s so strong and so revered in the dance community,' they said, 'and to dismantle it in a way that would strip it of a lot of what makes it so impactful, is such a shame to see that all go.'"

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The key to the dancers' dismay and subsequent action is this (from the article):



Allton-Maher said typically such extreme cuts to a contract occur when a company faces financial strain, but AGMA can find no evidence of such challenges, and ticket sales have recently been record-breaking. She praised the Ballet for its recent investments in a new dance school and new productions, but said it needs to continue to invest in its current dancers.

“To put the brakes on and to put in reverse what supports the dancers, which is the purpose of a ballet company, is unacceptable to us,” she said. “If there is in fact a need to economize in areas, then this is certainly not the place to do it and certainly not to this extreme.”



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