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"The Ballet Lover" novel

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I just stumbled across this. I haven't read it so can't say whether it's good or not.

from the author's website:

THE BALLET LOVER exposes the beauty and cruelty of ballet, the performances, the back stage moments, and the personal dramas of the famous ballet dancers Rudolf Nureyev and Natalia Makarova as seen through the eyes of an American female journalist.

Paris, 1970s: the orchestra plays the first note of Swan Lake. In the audience sits Geneva, an American journalist and ballet lover, waiting for the heart-stopping beauty of the romantic duet to start, but instead she witnesses Rudolf Nureyev failing to catch his Russian partner, Natalia Marakova, allowing her to fall with a crash upon the stage.

Geneva interprets the fall as an act of cruelty, a man with all the fame and power in the world brutally letting fall his partner. When other critics defend Nureyev, Geneva vows revenge on the page, creating havoc in her own career and discovering surprising parallels between herself and the fallen ballerina.



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