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Hello!  Let us know a little bit about you -- where you see dance, who your local company might be...

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Hi Sandik,

My daughter is a dancer and I want to read and share both dancer and parent experience. Besides dancing, the need for support and arrangements to get the proper training is always an important issue we have to get it right.

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@Anabela:  Ballet Alert! is the audience site, for those of us who watch.  Ballet Talk for Dancers (BT4D), our sister site, is the dancers site, for those who do and the parents who rear them :).


BT4D requires a separate registration and has different registration policies:  for example, you need to use a work, education, or ISP email address; gmail, yahoo, msn, and other free email addresses can't be used.

There you will read, and once registered, be able to share your experiences.

But we hope you'll post here about what you see and think as an audience member.


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