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Bright young things!!


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hope its ok to sart off this topic here. its not very original but i think it will be fun!!

Which dancers of the RB do you think will really break through this year?

Who would you like to see in the various roles of the season?


alina cojocaru has already won great aclaim in the tutu roles. I would love to see her being pushed so she doesnt get type cast

i wonder how she would cope with the mark morris piece?

I would also like to see miyako yoshida in some more leading roles this year.

I predict that marianella Nunezs will be used a lot this year along with mara galeazzi.

it will; be interesting to see what comes of gemma bond after that unexpected part in onegin last year.

on the male side of things, i can well see martin harvey being given some new roles to deal with, like wise i would be interested in seeing Ivan putrov partnering alina cojocaru as i feel they are very well suited.

It will also be interestingf to see how the 7 new RBS students cope in the company and follow their progeess.

sorry to ramble

what does everyone think about this??


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I agree with a lot of your choices. I'm sure it can't be too long before Marianela is promoted, she has had some great opportunities in the past year.

I don't know why Ivan hasn't been promoted already, it's ridiculous that he's doing so many principal roles as a soloist (of course he was as corps too)! I'm hoping Giselle will push Ross Stretton into making the move!

I loved Ivan dancing with Alina too and was upset to hear about her being paired with Johan K... until I saw them dance together! They are a wonderful team.

The company is in very good shape (it was last season too, I can't credit Ross Stretton with that I'm afraid!) and we have a lot of dancers lower down in the ranks who are perfectly capable of dancing good roles. They seem to be getting chances too, which must certainly be keeping up morale. Luckily the company is small enough so that everyone gets a chance to shine. Something that reassured me about our new director is that he is always in the audience, so he really does know the dancers now.

One hope I do have is that Zenaida will get to dance more, I've seen her about twice this season, and I practically live in the ROH!;)

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I agree about Marianela. Technically she’s wonderful and she’s proved her mettle as an actress as Gamzatti in Bayadere. I would love to see in her in some principal roles soon – Giselle, Juliet, Odile/Odette just to see how much further she can stretch.

I’m disappointed Miyako hasn’t been dancing more this year. I worry that she isn’t appreciated by Stretton I can’t see him casting her in all those MacMillan ballets – Manon, Mayerling, Song of the Earth etc next year. Probably Prince of the Pagodas since she’s done it before. Hopefully Sleeping Beauty too – she's been acclaimed for it and deserves that much. Her Giselle this year proved to me that she still has ‘it’.

I’m not sure about Martin Harvey. He’s definitely an eye-catcher but I don’t think he has the goods technically. I’m banking more on Ricardo Cervera. He literally saved the RB’s hide after stepping in at the last minute in Beyond Bach and was such a stand out in Por Vos Muero.

I definitely think Ivan’s one to watch. I hope he’s promoted to First Soloist this year because he’s heads and shoulders above the others (and it’s silly that the RB has only one male first soloist in Sasaki who hasn’t been given much to do either). But I disagree, I definitely don’t think Ivan is ready to be a principal, though he’s ready for principal roles. He looks rather good next to Alina and there’s something sweet about them dancing together, having come from the same schools, winning the (Prix de Lausanne and being presented with exactly the same opportunities (principal in Kiev, corps in RB, she chose the former while he took the latter). But when they actually start dancing Ivan is nowhere in Alina’s league (yet). She was visibly better in Don Q last year and he was too introverted and bland as Albrecht. I know they’re rehearsing R&J together (in case Johan gets injured) but I wouldn’t look forward to that at all. But I hope the principal roles keep coming so that he continues to grow.

I’m also keeping taps on Johannes Stepanek. Apart from the fact that half my friends fell helplessly in love with him during a RB class (they couldn’t believe this guy in the corps wasn’t a principal!) I think he’s a fantastic dancer, a really interesting personality. Plus he’s been getting some very prominent roles since being cast as Lensky in Onegin.

I’m going to add Edward Watson to this list even though he was dismal in the Giselle pas de six. I watched him learn the R&J balcony pdd from scratch with Natasha Oughtred and was very impressed by them both, how much chemistry and personality they projected as hard work as it looked. I would really LOVE to see them dance this for real.

And agree about Zenaida! She’s fantastic as well! Laura Morera too from the soloists. Waiting to see Jamie Tapper’s Giselle but I’d like to add her. Mara Galeazzi is a future principal I’m sure. Kenta Kura maybe. I like Iohna Loots a lot too. Waiting for Hubert Essakow, Nathan Coppen and Giacomo Ciriaci to break through. Also waiting to see what Stretton and Reid Andersen saw in Rupert Pennefather that caused them to cast him as the Matador in Don Q and Lensky (which he missed due to injury) respectively. And I guess we should keep an eye out for Thomas Whitehead since he’s been cast in Carmen with Tamara.

I think the company’s in ‘ok’ shape. The massive list of injuries doesn’t sound good but it’s nice Stretton is recruiting so many new dancers. Laura Cuthbertson caught the eye of my friends and I’m curious what we’ll see out of Jamie Bond. Stretton’s still auditioning right now so we may see more names come September. I guess the nice thing about shake-ups is seeing so many dancers one probably wouldn't see otherwise (though I hate how we're seeing less of some favoured ones). And I’m absolutely ecstatic that Robert Tewsley has decided to join.

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Jonathan Howells was in the Pas de Six in last night's Giselle. He was in Por Vos Muero too. I like him, he is interesting.

The more I think about who I like in RB, the harder it is to pick dancers out, we have so many good ones! I completely agree about Johannes - they need to promote him too or he will end up languishing in the corps but getting good stuff to dance anyway!! Martin Harvey is a great dancer too, and sparkling personality. Ben Gartside, Edward Watson, who says we haven't got any male dancers ready to dance??

I'd love to see Ivan and Alina do R&J together! Golly!

And I hope we get to see the new dancers in some sort of showcase, I want to know who they all are!:)

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I'm bright red now, how could I miss Jonathan Howells completely in his pas-de-six last week! Oh well, despite all the uneveness it's nice to see all the soloists getting a go.

I agree, I wish we could see some kind of showcase for the dancers lower down the ranks. Do you ever go and watch the experimental stuff they put on in the Clore Lolly? A lot of the soloists and corps seem to get involved and it's where I really started to pay attention to Johannes Stepanek. I think it's a great place to catch Martin Harvey as he does quite a bit of modern stuff as well.

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Yes, I try and get to see everything but as I don't live in London it makes it more difficult, and as I have ballet class almost every day it limits when I can go! Although my teachers never mind too much as I'm still learning about ballet even if I'm not in class, so I'm let off if I absolutely have to see a certain cast! But yes, I like the stuff in the Linbury and the Clore, did you see The Misty Frontier - Javier de Frutos? Martin was great in that, and Marianela too of course. I saw Martin's first Mercutio last year so I hope he gets to do it again this time around. And I'm looking forward to William Tuckett's thing in the Clore next week too.:)

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Lolly I share your pain. :) I don't live in London either and usually have lectures to attend. I usually try to make the Clore/Linbury stuff if there's something else going on on the day like an RB class or rehearsal. I'm going for William Tuckett too - I'm very curious as I haven't seen any of his work yet. He's had some very mixed reviews so I'm intrigued.

I didn't realise Martin Harvey danced Mercutio - wow, was he really good? Hope we get to see Cervera and Watson and Stepanek too but there are only 4 casts right? What a shame, 9 nights of R&J doesn't seem like enough.

I missed Misty Frontier but I did catch Vanessa Fenton and Alistair Marriott's works in the Clore. Now that was interesting, seeing stuff the dancers choreographed themselves. It really opened my eyes to Stepanek and Oughtred. I don't think we have any budding Bintleys or Hampsons in the RB though, at least not yet. Maybe they're still dormant. :)

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Yes, Martin was a very good Mercutio! Although I was in the Amphi so couldn't see his face - I haven't made that mistake again! I think Johannes and Edward would make nice Benvolios and I agree it would be good to see Ricardo as Mercutio. But then if it was up to me I'd let R&J run and run, then everyone could have a go! Alas... :D I'm sure they will all learn it even if they don't get to dance this time around, but I suppose that isn't much comfort!

Just thinking about this new faces thing, one of the best moments of walking into ROH is going to pick up a programme, looking at the cast sheet and seeing who is dancing! Half the time it's relief that your favourite is in it, but the other half it's exciting to think what someone will make of their role.

I saw the pas seul William choreographed for Darcey to the Seguedille from Carmen, it was beautiful, I would love to have danced it! I wouldn't write him off yet!!;)

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