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Works &Process Tanaquil Le Clercq’s The Ballet Cook Book

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I attended this fascinating program at the Guggenheim last night (to be repeated tonight). It was conceived and moderated by food scholar Meryl Rosofsky (who incidentally is married to the son of Melissa Hayden).  Jacques d’Amboise and Allegra Kent shared memories of Balanchine, food and wine, and their respective friendships with Le Clercq.  Jared Angle and Adrian Danchig-Waring, both accomplished cooks, curated the dance portion of the program:  excerpts from ballets Le Clercq, Kent and d’Amboise were known for.  The most exciting was the “Gluttony” portion of The Seven Deadly Sins, staged by Kent and Susan Pilarre, featuring Emma Von Enck and Georgina Pazcoquin; we also saw excerpts from The 4 Ts Choleric (featuring Teresa Reichlen) , Bugaku (beautiful Maria Kowroski and Jared Angle), the Fourth Campaign pdd from  Stars and Stripes (Megan Fairchild and Joseph Gordon), and 4th movement rondo from Western Symphony (Reichlen and Catazaro). There were some beautiful clips of Le Clercq dancing, and many photographs.  Edward Villella was in the audience and acknowledged by Kent but did not speak.  Rosofsky announced that there is an effort underway to interest publishers in a new edition of The Ballet Cook Book. We can only hope. Tonight is sold out, but last night was also and I saw assorted empty seats.  There were no comments about live streaming. 


I hope I’ve put this post where it belongs, but wasn’t sure.  

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It sounds wonderful, Peg. I heard Ms Rosofsky and Adrian D-W interviewed about this program on the Conversations on Dance podcast, which certainly piqued my interest in the book. I too hope there will be a new edition published. Btw, Adrian is exceedingly articulate and made me wonder if he has plans post-dance career in some kind of public forum. He's a natural.

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