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new Let Ballets Trockadero documentary

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This just screened at the Twist Film Festival in Seattle (and I missed it, dammit).  Am posting it here in case someone else in this group gets a look at it -- come back and report.


Bobbi Jo Hart; 2017; Canada; 90 min.; in English, Spanish, and Italian with English subtitles
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo is an all-gay male ballet company founded over forty years ago. This cinéma vérité feature
combines archival footage and conversations with the artistic director, critics, and family members for an affectionate look at “The
Trocks.” Get to know them as we travel around the world and gain an inside look at their joyfully inspired performances, familial bonds,
and intimate relationships. Throughout the years, from the difficulty of acquiring funding to the devastation of AIDS, their playful and
humorous yet very serious dance techniques have propelled them into the spotlight as the rebel ambassadors of ballet.


trailer  website

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