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Mary Cochran 1963 - 2017

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Mary Cochran, a former dancer with Paul Dancer for many years, was found dead in her apartment in the Bronx on October 6 (though the date she actually passed away is undetermined). She was 54. 


She was such a spitfire on stage with a luxurious quality that made her magnetic to watch.


Cochran was one of my many teachers at the Taylor school, and she was detailed, exact and so, so nice (and so tiny!). I remember her bringing in photocopies of the pelvic girdle for each one of us to study so that we'd better understand one of her frequent alignment corrections. She was so committed to her students and so sweet and approachable.


I'm very sorry to hear that she's passed away so young.



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This is such sad news.  She was one of the greats among Paul Taylor's dancers, and her reputation as a teacher and mentor is stellar.


From the end of the NYT obituary,




[John Tomlinson, ED of the Paul Taylor Dance company] said he had been struck by the comments of dancers who had worked under Ms. Cochran in Taylor 2, when some were early in their careers.

“They say she transformed them,” he said.


Rest in peace, Ms. Cochran, and my condolences to her family, friends, and students.

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