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World Ballet Day Bolshoy Webcast Online!


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On Bolshoy website with English subtitles. Have to register to view !

Baris Akimov's class starts at 0:52:00 : my beloved Masha Alexandrova is there,

what a striking, unmistakable personality ! Mark Chino is also taking class, who I

could not see in Etudes last week when I decided to go see Novikova.



Kovalyova-Tissi "Diamonds" rehearsal is at 3:27:00 and for those not familiar with

this high-profile addition to the Bolshoy CdB, Eleonora Sevenard's Bayaderka

rehearsal starts right after Diamonds, at 3:47:00

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I thought the class was the best part of the Bolshoi World Ballet Day offerings. (There is some further discussion on the "World Ballet Day Live" thread under Ballet Videos etc. forum.)

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