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Was pleased to be present for last nights Program 1 of Fall For Dance (North) in Toronto.

A very eclectic mix of pieces but a great chance for Toronto to see work by people they don't get to see often.

The best of the bunch was undoubtedly le Ballet Jazz Montreal. At times seductive while at others wonderfully comedic the dancers committed fully to the material and it left a lasting impact. I will certainly be making every effort to see them at some point in Montreal (where I have also never been unfortunately).

The other strong point was German based Gautier Dance who were an absolute delight. To make such an impression with only two dancers on stage (one "playing" the other as if they are a cello) was both inventive and wonderfully constructed. I hope they would come to North America more often.

The weakest link of the program was a "special commission" called Children of Chaos, It was said to be a celebration of Canadian talent but was really a tiresome mishmash of boring steps. There was not any intention. It felt long and tedious. Its strongest aspect was by far the beautiful dancers (particularly standout Frances Cheung) all from some very prestigious companies including San Francisco Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, American Ballet Theater and The Royal Ballet. To have such amazing talent all on one stage and then wasted as it was here was disappointing.

The other weak link was a project called Zatta Omm. Leaving little to no impression it felt like the stereotypical "modern" dance work the average person would imagine when you say the words "modern" and "dance" together.

The other work of the program was not really to my taste but it was creative, impactful and the dancers committed fully.

Bummed out to miss the other two programs so if anyone is there please report back. There appears to be particular buzz for "Fifteen Heterosexual Duets" by former director of The National Ballet of Canada James Kudelka. Sad to miss it.

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I am so sorry you missed 72 Person Precision Ball Passing.  I've been watching various incarnations of this work since the 1980s, and think this version is just wonderful.  Take a look here.

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