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2018 Spring Season

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On ‎6‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 8:37 PM, bcash said:

...Agon really needs a great cast to exert its power. And this was not one. The (ideally) thrilling opening section (the moving blocks of four, the two rows with dancers switching places) did not project much power...

I'be been told by a seasoned NYCB goer that 4T has been in good shape for many years, while Agon is not. There may be quite some truth in this observation. I've never been "disappointed" by a 4T by NYCB in the past couple of years...

With injuries, retirements, leaves of absence, the roster of male dancers at NYCB is looking depleted. I continue to hope for the emergence of a male dancer with the proportion, the presence, the expressive and technical prowess of a true danseur noble. 

I've been disappointed by some execution of Balanchine heritage rep over the past few years plus Robbins Dances At A Gathering.  Some of that was related to casting - nowhere to hide in a group onstage in a Tch Pdd.  Saw one Sym in 3 that was an accident waiting to happen which then occurred. 

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