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Veronika Part -- Royal Ballet ?


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It would appear that she has at least taken classes recently at the Royal Ballet.




She is such an amazing talent. Her artistry is an Enchantment. Hopefully some company will fully recognise and feature this, as I don't think that it's happened yet. With this ability she could perform for years. The Royal Ballet, which I don't get a chance to see very often, seems to have a theatrical strength, perhaps coming from that part of the world's great literary and theatrical traditions. I see it strongly in Xander Parish (now a Mariinsky Principal) and in such current dancers as Marianela Nunez. I think that this could be a very good fit for Veronika Part.


Hopefully she can at least be given a guest status. Marcelo Gomes had this at one time. If not given more, maybe the Mariinsky could also offer her something similar and she could do some exciting freelancing.


She is one of several exceptional ballerinas  today, whom I don't think have ever been fully featured. They all may be at slightly outside their company's box, which may account for this. I would hope that the Royal Ballet would give her a chance. It's a decision that it might well cherish someday. 

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I believe that Gomes gave a performance as Oberon in the Dream in 2012 after Polunin left the company. It was not clear that his guest appearance was actually necessary as there were quite a lot of dancers in the RB and the BRB who knew the role including Joseph Caley who had given some excellent performances of the role and Cervera who had understudied the role and was an Ashton specialist. If I recall correctly at the time it was generally understood that his appearance with the company was at Cojocaru's request.


As far as Part taking class with the RB is concerned it does not necessarily follow that she will be working with the company. As Mashinka says there is a lot of home grown talent which makes it unlikely that the company will feel the need to engage her. It is not just the likes of Hayward and Naghdi  who have to be accommodated but there are several dancers at First Soloist level who will expect to get a crack at the major classical roles and more junior dancers who having shown considerable artistic development during the last season who will also expect to take their place in the sun in the not too distant future. But you never can tell what management will decide to do. Perhaps we should wait to see what announcements, if any, appear on the company's web site.   

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