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World Ballet Day 2015 at The Nationa Ballet of China


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I was surprised to find this video on YouTube. The video is edited with old footage recordings to introduce the achievements of  The National Ballet of China. It is with English subtitles and narrations.

They gave full tribute to the foreign ballet masters who have made tremendous contribution to train the Chinese dancers and develop ballets in China, who are Master Pyotr Gusev, Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Roland Petit, John Neumeier, and Manuel Legris who are the best friends of Chinese dancers.

I feel little bit disappointed. They should have included some scenes of their daily classes to show Chinese ballet dancers' excellent classical ballet training.



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I'm curious to know who wrote the text -- there were a couple of references that seemed very old-school.  But a good introduction to a company that many people don't know.  I appreciated the older film clips -- if I had to make a bargain, I'd rather see those than contemporary class work.

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I guess that the text script was written by the Art Director, or maybe, other managers in the theater, because there are only few people in China, besides ballet professionals, really know the history of National Ballet of China.  I cannot be sure, since I have never got any response, when I try to contact with the theater. :(

The English translation must be done by an outsider.


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