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Metropolitan Opera Ballet

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An interview with Met Opera dance director Joe Fritz.


OW: The Metropolitan Opera Ballet has undergone significant changes since you started. In fact, it used to be recognized as it’s own company with its own season. How has that changed? How many productions did you dance in?


JF: Over the years …30 or more… 40…50. It’s hard to say; so many productions I’ve been in!

There used to be a full-time company with 16 dancers when I was hired back in the ‘86-’87 season. The ‘87 season is when I started and I danced until the 2001-2002 season. From there I managed.


At the end of every New York season, they would go away for five weeks and tour Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, all the big cities pretty much. The year I joined, they stopped doing that, so I did miss out on touring at all of those places, but I did end up going to the tour in Japan.


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