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Site Issues, Wednesday, July 26

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I filed a ticket early this evening due to site issues, which manifested themselves differently for me on IE and Chrome on a Windows machine.


There was a task that had stopped working properly, and it was addressed.  However, you may need to clear your browser cache if you continue to see intermittent issues. 

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Just to let you know--I was having problems and cleared my cache (that is, deleted this site specifically) and still am having problems.


Often I get an error page when I try to get onto this site or, if I get on, then the the next thread I try to open fails and turns up an error page. It took me three tries to get here to post this message. (I use Firefox.)

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They have not cleared up for everyone. I, for example, am having the same issues with Chrome, despite clearing the cache, closing the browser, doing both in reverse, then rebooting, etc.  Support has not been able to reproduce this, though.


For the time being IE is working for me, so that I can post.  Admin tools are, happily, workable, even in the broken UI.


I've gotten emails to say that clearing the cache has worked for other people.  However, I've been told by our Support people to instruct people to clear the entire cache, not to use the site-specific option.

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Unfortunately, not.  Our support team could neither reproduce nor find that this was a systemic problem with other customers.  I still can't use Chrome on Windows no matter how many times I clear my cache, but I can use Chrome on my Mac at home and on my Android phone, but I'm stuck using IE on Windows.  Which I do not like.


I'm going to invoke the next version upgrade this weekend, and I'm hoping somewhere in the re-boots and restarts and clears and rebuilds, this will go away.

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