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Krohn Retiring On Oct 7, 2017

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3 hours ago, canbelto said:


Senior corps members Faye Arthurs and Alina Dronova have left the company. 


Oh, I will miss them both! I got a chance to see Dronova dance in a number of ballets last season, and she looked terrific in everything: she was much more than a reliable corps stalwart.  Alas, I didn't get to see Arthurs in much since her return from maternity leave, but I'd certainly hoped to see more of her.

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2 hours ago, canbelto said:

Good to know that she's dancing at another company now. I always get sad when apprentices are not renewed for a corps contract.


It may have been Hackbarth's choice. New York and NYCB isn't for everyone and she might have discovered that during her apprenticeship. Since she has already studied in Germany, going back might have had some appeal to her. Or she might have liked Semperoper's more eclectic repertory, or the opportunity to dance in a smaller company with more opportunities,  etc, etc, etc.


I think we naturally assume that NYCB is the end goal of every SAB student & apprentice, but it must sometimes happen that other opportunities have more appeal.


PS - I wish her well! I saw her in a couple of things and thought she had a genuine and lovely stage presence. 


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I wasn't aware, but it seems like Eliza Blutt is the daughter of former NYCB dancer Margo Krody.


I'm sad about Faye Arthurs! Who is the most senior Corps member now that Dronova and Arthurs are gone? Off the top of my head, I am thinking possibly Likolani Brown?

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Including Brown and Anderson, I count 11 corps members with 10+ years in the company: the others are Daniel Applebaum and Giovanni Villalobos (July 2005), Jenelle Manzi and Gretchen Smith (February 2006), Andrew Scordato (July 2006), Mary Elizabeth Sell (September 2006), Ralph Ippolito and Devin Alberda (October 2006), and Meagan Mann (spring 2007).


Since I was looking, the most senior principal women after Maria (promoted spring 1999) are Bouder and Fairchild (both January 2005), and the senior principal men are de Luz (January 2005) followed by Jared Angle (November 2005). The longest-serving soloists are Lowery (December 2007) and Suozzi (May 2007).

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We don't know how old Ask LaCour is because he didn't have his entire career at NYCB. However, I think LaCour may be older or at least the same age as Jared Angle.  I think DeLuz, who danced with several other companies prior to NYCB, is around 40 or 41.



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Does anyone know where Clara Ruf-Maldonado is dancing now? I know she was a Wien award winner, an NYCB apprentice and thought she had made it into the corps. But I no longer see her name in the roster. And I agree about Rebecca Krohn - she is a lovely dancer. Glad she will be teaching others.

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She also danced in Rubies corps.


She was listed in last year's Pacific Northwest Ballet School graduation program as one of three apprentices at PNB, along with Genevieve Waldorf and Christopher D'Ariano as apprentices, but only he has been listed in the roster as an apprentice, and both Waldorf and Ruf Maldonado are marked as members of the Professional Division in the "Jewels" programs.

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