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Then/Now photos

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if mem. serves and if this question relates to the 4 NYCB NUTCRACKER PdD fotos above, they show: 

top left; SHyltin w. AVeyette, top right:JdAmboise w/ SFarrell

bottom left: ALaracey w/ RJanzen, bottom right: AProkovsky w/ MHayden

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I know what you mean about Serenade -- it's been through just about every change possible.  Apollo has had a similar history -- I love the early costumes for the muses.

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I've got more. 


Here's Swanilda with the iconic "doll" pose. Natalia Osipova, Patricia McBride and Vera Triflova


Bluebird over the years:


Pierre Vladimiroff (who would later become a famous teacher at SAB), Yuri Soloviev and Daniil Simkin:



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When I started making these collages I thought it would be difficult to find historical photos that matched contemporary dancers. But actually it was really easy. In fact the main differences I see in the dancers from the past compared to the present are differences in physique. Not surprising because the teachers of Petipa's era emphasized strength so the dancers could do all those then-revolutionary feats. Nowadays the musculature is different and that's no doubt because of more emphasis on stretching, and also doing strength conditioning exercises like pilates. 


The other difference is costumes. I notice that ballerinas in the past favored wearing rather curly wigs and costumes were less tightly fitted.


But really, to see the continuity from the past to the present is remarkable. 

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