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NYCB Stars in Cuba, fall 2016 (J Peck, dir.)

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Apologies if another thread was started about this but it is very interesting. Justin Peck directed/led a tour of several (about 20) NYCB dancers to the latest Int'l Ballet Festival in Havana., dancing four of his works:



Furiant Scherzo (world prem. - Bouder & DeLuz)

Year of the Rabbit 

Ro-Deo: Four Dance Episodes


The group - called "DANCE AMERICANA" -  included Mearns, Ramasar, Applebaum, DeLuz, Hall, Stanley, Pollack, Garrity, Woodward and ???. One story mentioned that some Miami City Ballet dancers also performed but I couldn't find a full list of names.


There was very little publicity in the US but I found this from a UK site:



Also "news" to me, Carlos Acosta's ACOSTA DANZA company (based in the UK?) toured Cuba this past April, dancing, among other works, Justin Peck's Belles-Lettres (created for NYCB).



So....Peck may be the "Toast of Havana"!


Any belated reports? I'm having a hard time finding online reviews of Peck's DANCE AMERICANA troupe. The Acosta group seems to be better publicized & established.

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Some great photos of the dancers in Ro-DEO and InCreases found here (by official Havana Ballet Festival photographer Carlos  Quezada):



You'll notice more than one woman among the usually-all-male corps on Ro-Deo. I was told by an attendee that Peck adjusted the choreography to include ladies among the corps "players." Dan Ulbricht's sequence of pirouettes a la seconde was performed by Mearns, for ex.

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Thanks for these links, maps! So the first one - if we scroll past the tribute to "El Comandante" at the top - lets us know that Ro-Deo was the huge hit of the run.


That ballet continues to make a deep impression in my soul, after the recent Kennedy Center season. Remember that I wrote at the time that this ballet could become a calling card for NYCB on tour? I was specifically thinking about Russia. Little did I know that it had already made an impact in Cuba.  Well done, Justin Peck & team! 

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