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Eifman Ballet's "Red Giselle"


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Eifman is definitely not everyone's cup of tea.  The movement vocabulary is limited.  Eifman is more acrobatics and hyper extensions than classical ballet. This is certainly not classical ballet at its finest.  You should look at some clips on youtube, or some reviews to get a sense of what this company does. 

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I'd see it, if only to have a first-hand experience with the choreographer.  Very few people have a moderate reaction to the work -- it seems you either love it or hate it.  But you should go, and make up your own mind.

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I saw Red Giselle many years ago in Seattle and I thought it was fascinating, but more because it was a twist on ballet and presented differently than anything I had ever seen.  In NYC around 2010 I also saw Eifman's Onegin, and really enjoyed it as well.  I'd put his shows in the same genre as Matthew Bourne's productions. 


Having met you a couple years ago, I'd say it's not your cup of tea.  abatt had good comments.  If you have the time free and can get a cheap ticket through Goldstar, maybe check it out but set your expectations accordingly.  

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abatt sums up the dancing aspect well. I saw Eifman's Anna Karenina and he does have a certain dramatic flair which can become dramatic bad taste, not to say corniness, but he does keep you watching and the audience responded with enthusiasm at both performances I saw.  His women are awfully thin even by ballet standards, at least they were when I saw the company. If you haven't the company you should probably go. I'd be curious to see "Red Giselle."  Not sure if I could have sat through his Balanchine opus, though.


Please tell us about it if you do go, would love to hear your opinion.

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As soon as I realized-(after opening this thread)- that it was "Tchaikovsky" and not "Red Giselle" what was being  presented, I decided against it-(and with the help of a friend who told me that "it was good but not great". I was curious about Red Giselle. I have seen many accounts around about it. I went for a run at Central Park instead...?

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