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This is very sad news, Cygnet. Headly was a versatile actor, excellent in comedy and in drama. An untimely death -- Headly was only 62.


She was an early member of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company:


Among those who were there or involved in "Balm in Gilead," it's an article of faith that while Metcalf's monologue in the role of Darlene was justly acclaimed, the centrality of that performance, one of the most famous in Chicago theater history, also had a lot to do with the wry interjections and complex responses from Headly, playing the role of a prostitute, Ann.



Cause of death may have been related to blood clots.


As I'm sure all the obits will note, she was once married to John Malkovich. My recollection of the gossip at the time was that his affair with Michelle Pfeiffer during the filming of Dangerous Liaisons busted it up.


Piece of trivia: she was the voice of the Bavarian fencer's betrayed wife who calls into the radio show on the Frasier episode, "An Affair to Forget." I remember looking at the end credits to see who the actor was; she was very funny.


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