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ABT 2017 Swan Lake

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ABT has released a 4 minute video "Being Odette/Odile" featuring Copeland, Boylston and Teuscher.


I appreciate that they included Teuscher to feature the dancer newest to the role. But, odd that they left Murphy and Seo out of it (but, maybe not; Copeland, obviously, and Boylston have more of a following in the non-dance world so that's perhaps who they're targeting with this video).


Onto awaiting any casting updates for the run!



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I feel bad for Murphy. She's dealt with injuries the last couple of years, but even with a nagging calf injury she was able to finish the MET season last year after only a few days off. When it comes to technically challenging roles like O/O you never know when you'll be dancing it for the last time. I think she really wanted to dance Giselle with Hallberg, although she probably should have skipped that one too.

I hope she can come back from this and continue dancing for a few more years.


Now I'm nervous about Part. Not sure what type of injury she has, but she's either already 39 or turning 39 this year and she's very tall (those two together are not a great combination when dealing with injuries). She's my favorite Odette at ABT, I hope she can recover and is able to dance next week.

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I know I've been posting a lot of videos lately, but for all of the other Sarah Lane fans who are eager to see her perform SL, I had to post this rehearsal video of her and Angel Corella from a few years ago that I just came across. It's from the Corella Dance Academy where she and Angel will be teaching later this summer in Barcelona. There are some other beautiful photos of Lane on the site from her O/O with Corella. Here's hoping we'll get to see her in this at the Met sometime.



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Whatever happens with Swan Lake casting, I just found out that I must travel for work these next couple of weeks, so I'll be counting on your reviews of any scheduled (or not) O/O debuts. I should be back home in time to go to NY for "Tchaikovsky Spectacular" shows on July 7-8! 

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The Isabella/Nina video just made me think of how incredible of a coach Nina would be at ABT. They don't seem to have replaced Georgina Parkinson (in terms of a really strong 2nd female principal coach). Irina is getting older. How much money do they need to pay to get Nina back to ABT? She seems to have a great understanding of ballet with an ability to communicate well. One can dream.... 

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7 hours ago, Jayne said:

Better yet, hire Max Beloserkovsky and Irina Dvorovenko


Given how Irina at least (not sure about Max) has been rather outspoken on several occasions about their dissatisfactions with some of McKenzie's choices as AD and his treatment of ABT dancers, I wonder if Kevin might be loathe to bring them in.

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