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ABT 2017 promotions prediction/wish list

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Nothing yet. I realize Wednesday is not ideal to announce promotions in class because you'd want to avoid disappointed dancers at the matinee show (only like 2 or so hours after class), but the wait is killing me. I just want to know, but at the same time I'm scared to find out. I'm scared of, yet again, being disappointed because of certain dancer possibly being left behind.


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It's striking to note that, with Vishneva's and Part's departures, ABT has only 6 female principals left: Abrera, Boylston, Copeland, Kochetkova, Murphy, Seo.


Kochetkova danced hardly at all this season, and is also a principal with another company, so in a sense that leaves five –– two of whom have demonstrated fairly significant technical deficiencies this season and before.


America's National Ballet Company® seriously needs an infusion of principal-level talent. But it's a serious shame that Part is being flung aside just when the ranks are so lacking in seasoned principal-level long-term experience. (They have 29 years among the six of them -– 15 of which are Murphy's alone!)

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