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Roger Moore, best known as Agent 007 during the 1970s - mid 1980s has passed away.  He was 89.  Moore replaced the one film-one time 007, George Lazenby, and was the favorite to replace the original 007, Sean Connery.  He didn't make his debut as 007 until 1973 in "Live and Let Die."        


Before he landed the role of James Bond, he was under contract as the original Simon Templar in the 60s television show, "The Saint."  He also starred in "The Persuaders."  Moore worked tirelessly as a goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF until his declining health no longer allowed it.  His suave demeanor, and the smooth irony by which he delivered some of the most ridiculous lines in the 007 films, will be missed.  Sir Roger Moore, RIP.



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Thanks for posting, Cygnet. Sorry to hear this. I was never a big James Bond fan, but when I did tune in I actually liked Moore better than Connery. Connery has acting credentials Moore never had, but I find his Bond rather unpleasant even if the movies are better overall. This preference was confirmed for me when I read that something Moore insisted on when he took over the role was a reduction in the brutality against women that was a staple of the Connery pictures. RIP.


Yes, Moore also played the Saint, which character had been featured in a series of B pictures starring Louis Hayward and then George Sanders, with the material eventually migrating to television.





“In theatrical terms, I’ve never had a part that demands much of me,” he added. “The only way I’ve had to extend myself has been to carry on charming.”


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