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Eleonora Sevenard


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Here is the most recent look. She won the First Prize at this III All-Russia Young Dancer`s Competition Russian Ballet  as did her partner, Egor Gerashenko. (There was also a higher Grand Prize won by Denis Zakharov).


I thought that she looked like a Mariinsky star about a year ago when I first saw a video of her. I believe that she graduates the Vaganova this year. I hope that the Mariinsky grabs her and makes her a star as soon as possible. If not the Bolshoi’s Makhar Vaziev looks very interested, which would be fine also. 


She can be seen at 1:29:00


(posted by Kultura TV, the broadcaster)


Added comment: To say that "the Bolshoi’s Makhar Vaziev looks very interested" is a bit of an understatement. During the second part he can barely sit still in his chair !  Two other judges that may effect her immediate future are the Mariinsky's Yuri Fateyev and the Bolshoi's Yuri Grigorovich  ( age 90 ! ).  

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