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Catherine Turocy - interview

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Nice Q&A with Catherine Turocy of New York Baroque Dance Company.


CB: Like in Giselle.


CT: Exactly. One of the ballet phrases I always love to do is temps levé, chassé, pas de bourrée, glissade, assemblé. If you were doing that a little bit more in the 1745 style, you might have a rond de jambe stuck in there, you might have a little bit of a petit battement. You might have two jumps, or a change of weight or a change of feet, like a chassé just before the assemblé, and then the assemblé would be like an assemblé sissonne. So it’s denser in the sense that every beat is considered, and when you’re doing a compound meter, the half-measure is also considered........................But then you also find the opposite, like in a minuet, where the music is three beats, but then the dance is six beats. [In Baroque], there’s more play than you would imagine in fitting the dance structure to the music.


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