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Ulrik Birkkjaer leaving Royal Danish Ballet

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Ulrik, who was the force behind the recent Bournonville tour, announced this on his facebook page:

25 years ago in August 1992 a very curious 6 year old me walked through the stage door to the Royal Danish Theater for the first time.
It turned out to be one hell of a ride!
Not only did I grow up in the magical world of a theater but I also had the luxury of working with beauty on a daily basis.
I have been exposed to and educated in music, art and creativity and I’m so thankful that I work with something I care about.
In July 2017 I will start a new adventure that I can’t tell you about officially…yet... BUT I can tell you that this will be my last official month with the Royal Danish Ballet and Diamonds my last shows on Gamle Scene for a while ;)

Being a Principal Dancer at an institution like The Royal Danish Theater is a bit like standing on top of an iceberg. There are so many incredible people that are the foundation of not only the art we produce but also the values of the Theater.

Perhaps the most important lesson and value that I have experienced is that the space and appreciation for beauty (in expression and humanity) doesn't come for free. It takes hard work every single day to create space for the most fragile thing in the world.
But I care. And I believe in it.

So its time to step down from the Iceberg and start my own little snowball.

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Wow. So much for any hope for another Bournonville Festival by the RDB anytime soon. 


Good luck to Ulrik Birkkjaer in the next chapter in his life...but I selfishly wish that his "little snowball" may involve Bournonville ballets in some way.

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