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ABT's website hacked?


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I just noticed this on ABT's site in the "Inside ABT" section:


4/20/17: HACKED BY [NEO] / TURKHACKTEAM. All seats $25.


Türk Hack Team Hacked by [NEO]


Hacking de bir Sanattır , Saygı duy ! [Google translate: Windows 10'a Hackers Show Even Respect!"]


There's a large emblem underneath this writing; check out the link below.


I stared at this for a few minutes wondering what I was missing (their website is not very modern). But, this does appear to be a hacking job. I don't see anything else awry on the website but I've only looked at a page or two.


If this was really posted on 4/20, then ABT must be having a hard removing it.





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55 minutes ago, nanushka said:

Given how sleek and up-to-date ABT's website is I imagine that pulling this off was quite a challenge.  :wink:


I was wondering why anyone would want to hack a ballet company's website but I think you just answered it!

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