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Fatova Mingus

The Chosen Ones

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I am Fatova Mingus.  I have been tracking down all of  "The Chosen Ones" since Beatriz Rodriguez in 1987.  I speak of the Nijinsky reconstruction by Hodson and Archer "Le Sacre du Printemps",  Even with Millicent's help, I come up against some dead ends. My Collections :  "The Women Formerly Known As Chosen" is a collection of head shots and "The Chosen Ones" are photos of most in performance.  Naturally, I can not find photos of all.  The 1990'ish dancers are shocked to be found and they are so happy!  We now are making little video tributes/statements on the role and its importance to the dancer.  I wonder if anyone could help?


I just finished a video message for Kirsi Tiiiliharju, Finnish National Helsinki, 1996 for the Hodson-Archer Experiment.  Anyone can contribute.  Thanks for reading and accept my thanks in advance. 

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What an interesting project -- Sacre is one of my favorite scores, and I'm fascinated by the various approaches that different choreographers have taken.  Thanks for the link -- it will be a pleasure to browse.

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Oh I am so happy to  read this!  A jazz player I know did an actual great job with the Rite and I am using his work in some video.  Eric Hofbauer.

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