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RDB's Jewels

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The site for Jewels has been updated with an amazingly beautiful photo header of Holly Dorger in Diamonds costume...


It seems casting for Emeralds (I think) has gone up for all dates as well, although Rubies and Diamonds casting still hasn't been announced.


I have tickets for the premiere on the 22nd of April and am so amazingly excited for this ballet, that I can barely wait.


Is anyone else planning on going for this?

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All the casting is now up, though in a way that would be meaningless to people who don't know the ballets.


If I'm interpreting it correctly, the first night cast is:


Emeralds - Amy Watson and Jonathan Chmelensky, Susanne Grinder and Marcin Kupinski ('walking' pas de deux)


Rubies - J'aime Crandall and Jon Axel Fransson, Astrid Elbo


Diamonds - Holly Dorger and Gregory Dean


It looks as if other casts show Caroline Baldwin and Ulrik Birkkjaer in Diamonds, Ida Praetorius, Chmelensky and Emma Håkensson in Rubies, and Kizzy Matiakis/Andreas Kaas and Wilma Giglio/Sebastian Haynes in Emeralds.


But I could have got this completely wrong...




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American first-year corps member Emerson Moose has posted a few from-the-wings pics on his Instagram. 

Tonight is the annual year-end graduation performance of KIrov Academy here in DC. I was wondering how Emerson was faring, as he was, for seemingly many years, the male star of these grad performances. So I've poked around the web & found this. So nice!

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