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Performances in Oman


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I'd like to read real reviews of the performances, but since they were in Oman that seems unlikely. I guess we'll have to wait until the Met performances. Knowing the New York Times, they will only cover Misty's debut, maybe touch on Gillian for a sentence, and completely ignore Sarah. I am using my hard-earned money for Sarah's performance on May 27th. 

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Given the NY Times' new approach to dance coverage, I'm wondering to what extent we will see any reviews of anything at ABT or NYCB this Spring in the Times.  Instead of a review, we might get a human interest piece on what brand of coffee Gillian Murphy drinks to start her day.


Also, just wanted to add that although the NY Times does pay for its own tickets, the companies advise the reviewers regarding which dates/performances reviewer tickets are being made available.  I believe that ABT intentionally makes reviewer tickets available for Copeland's shows in order to increase the publicity for her performances and for ABT.  I'd be interested in hearing from a professional reviewer whether ABT offers reviewer tickets to Lane's NY debut as Giselle.  If David Hallberg returns for the Murphy Giselle (it's still TBA for the Albrecht role), I have no doubt that ABT will also offer reviewer tickets for Murphy's Giselle debut in NYC. 

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If the NY Times does review the Giselle Saturday matinee, it will be to report on the debut performance of Daniil Simkin as Albrecht.  Sarah Lane, of course, will be given a mention and no more.  I certainly hope the chief dance critic does not refer to her performance once again as "sweet."

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