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2017 Season - Swan Lake

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1 hour ago, sasark said:

Wow, that is amazing!! I'm stunned that he turned in such a polished performance under those circumstances. Thanks pherank!


Someone in the company mentioned online that Walsh was "on fire" right now, and I guess this proves that. Both he and Di Lanno are having to dance constantly, every program, almost every ballet. They both deserve the praise. I worry about injury and burnout though, and some dancers are not appearing enough.


The company never talks openly about injuries so it's hard to know if the reason certain people are only appearing occasionally is that they are nursing an injury.

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Yes Sasark, thanks so much for all the details.  I don't feel as bad that I missed it now.  Next year PNB is showing SL and I do like our Kent Stowell version quite a lot.


I look forward to more of your SFB reports now that you're in SFO.  I hope your move has gone well.

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On 2017-04-09 at 10:02 PM, pherank said:

Short commentary about the SFB production by Maria Kochetkova for KDFC radio:



She specifically mentions the challenge of dancing the O/O roles as a short-statured person.

Thank you for this! I so enjoy hearing dancers discuss from their point of view dancing certain roles. Her shorter stature I'm sure has had a huge effect on her experiences just as a taller dancer probably the same. I hope we can learn to celebrate this diversity in ballet more and more. The more different the dancers the more variety in interpretation and for the audience I think this is an exciting thing. 

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