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Moscow City Ballet?

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Good question, Becky. There are so many companies with similar names, I lose track of them. I hope someone who has seen them recently can tell us. They're touring a lot these days, and I'd like to know the director, the repertory and some of the leading dancers, if anyone knows.

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Thanks for the website.

I will go and see the Cinderella as I have seen the Nutcracker too many times I feel already! Anyone seen this company and have any comments? What principals are the best to see does anyone know?



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Becky, I can understand too many Nutcrackers :)

I checked the web site Ari posted and it's very informative. It seems the company performs mainly in Britain, which is why this may not have drawn that big a response here. There are a lot of reviews on the site, though, as well as info on the dancers and repertory, so it might give you at least a taste of the company. :)

If you see it, be sure to tell us about it!

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I have watched the Moscow City Ballet many, many times, they are regular visitors to the UK. The first time I saw them was in 1991 and they have performed every year since.

They are a very good company and dance extremely well, I would rate them at the top of the 'second tier' of ballet companies. If you search the archives I have posted a number of accounts of this company.

Go and enjoy.

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I went to see them, it was good. Cinderella, the choreography was nice with some lovely pas de deux. Bright costumes and well presented all round. The dancing was very good, they really performed rather than just dancing. A few very good soloists.

There was a small orchestra which I thought was a lovely touch for quite a small company - they handeled the prokofiev well though I'm not sure how the more grand Nutcracker numbers would come off. I didn't see the Nutcracker but those who did enjoyed it and it was a treat to see now rather than at Christmas with the annual overload of sweet, sugarplum twinkly type things.

The theatre was packed and there were many very happy children - I never realised that so many typically agitated and hyperactive kids would sit attentively through a ballet. Wow.

I definitely reccomend them, worth a look. Thank you for your posts,


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